Save money on scrapbooking supplies

How To Save Money On Scrapbook Supplies

Scrapbooking is such a lot fun, that it’s real easy to rack up quite a bill when getting the supplies in.

I know when my daughter and I visited the craft store the other week, she was just mesmerized by all the items for sale in the scrapbook aisle.

She truly just wanted one of everything!

Today, there is so much you can add to a page, stickers, embellishments, ribbons and stamps.

In this article i’ll tell you how to choose the right supplies and save money on scrapbooking.

So, how can you get all of your supplies without breaking the bank?

I have two suggestions.

Scrapbook kits

The first is scrapbook kits.

My daughter and I belong to a monthly scrapbook club.

So, every month we receive an assortment of papers, an assortment of stickers and an assortment of embellishments all in one kit.

We mix and match our kits with each other all of the time.

If we only ever bought these kits, we’d have enough materials to make awesome great pages.

The people who supply the kits  almost always offer a lower price on the kit as opposed to what you would pay if you purchased each item individually.

You’ll find kits available for certain themes, such as weddings, birthdays and summer vacations, and you’ll also find kits available for seasons, summer, winter, autumn and fall. Having two daughters, I’ve also purchased several “girl” kits.

While I don’t have any boys, I have seen baby boy kits, sports kits and car kits and such around.

Clearance sales

My second suggestion is clearance sales.

If you are a scrapbooker, you know that you’ll be scrapbooking in a years’ time.

Why not  buy scrapbook supplies, the same way you buy clothes?

After the season, once summer is over, all of the scrapbook companies make room for their fall inventory by lowering the prices on all remaining summer products.

This is the best time to buy those summer colors and grab loads of bargains before the next season.

The same is true in reverse.

If you want the darker autumn tones of paper, wait until summer is here and then stock up.

Also, look out for products which are no longer being made.

We buy a lot of discontinued products.

They work really well and you can get some high quality materials but at a fraction of the cost.

You can combine the two ideas and buy scrapbook kits on sale, after the season.

Go save yourself some money

It really is possible to enjoy your past time while saving money on the supplies.  The key thing is to look for the bargains so you’re not paying top dollar for your materials whilst still being able to make great looking pages.

Have you got a tip for saving money on your scrapbooking supplies? Share them below!